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Following are the most recent and Updates and Additions to 27 Feb 2015. Argentina Argentina, National Census, 1895 Australia Australia, Tasmania, Miscellaneous Records, 1829-1961 Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2014 Canada Canadian Headstones Ireland Ireland, 1841 and 1851 Census Search Forms Philippines Philippines, Civil Registration (Local), 1888-1983 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Civil and updates and additions, 29 July, 2014.

Following are the recent and updates and additions up to and including 29 July, 2014. Updates and Additions Czechoslovakia Czech Republic, Censuses, 1800-1945 Korea Korea, Collection of Genealogies, 1500-2012 Spain Spain, Diocese of Lugo, Catholic Parish Records, 1550-1930 United States Idaho, Southeast Counties Obituaries, 1864-2007 Idaho, Southern Counties Obituaries, 1943-2013 Mormon and Additions and Updates to July 15, 2014.

Following are the most recent and additions and updates to their databases. Additions and Updates Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Civil Registration, 1804-2013 Canada Canada, Headstones Colombia Colombia, Military Records, 1809-1958 Czechoslovakia Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1963 Germany Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt, Civil Registration, 1811-1978 Italy Italy, Genova, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1796-1812, 1838-1859, and Updates and Additions – February 16, 2013 Brazil Brazil, Mato Grosso, Civil Registration, 1889-2012 Chile Chile, Santiago, Cementerio General, 1821-2011 China China, Collection of Genealogies, 1239-2010 Czech Republic Czech Republic, Land Records, 1450-1889 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Civil Registration, 1801-2010 England England, Northumberland, Miscellaneous Records,1570-2005 Italy Italy, Frosinone, Cassino, Civil Registration (Comune), 1861-1929 Italy, Napoli, Melito di Napoli, Civil Registration (Comune), and Updates and Additions – January 4, 2013 Australia Australia, Queensland Cemetery Records, 1802-1990 Germany Deutschland, Westfalen, Minden, Bürgerrollen 1574-1902 Luxembourg Luxembourg, Census Records, 1843-1900 Slovakia Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910 United States Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959 Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1629-1983 Texas, Comanche County Records, 1858-1955 Washington, Seattle, Passenger Lists, 1890-1957 Worldwide Family Group Records Collection, Archives Section, 1942-1969 and Updates and Additions – November 14, 2012 Canada Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927 Quebec Notarial Records, 1800-1900 Czech Republic Czech Republic, Land Records, 1450-1889 England England, Kent, Manorial Documents, 1241-1976 Hungary Hungary, Civil Registration, 1895-1980 Ireland Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1814-1855 Italy Italy, Lucca, Lucca, Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1866-1929 Slovakia Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910 South Africa South Africa, Free State Dutch and Updates and Additions – October 14, 2012 Argentina Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, Catholic Church Records, 1894-1950 Austria Austria, Carinthia, Military Personnel Records, 1846-1897 Austria, Vienna Population Cards, 1850-1896 Brazil Brazil, Civil Registration, 1870-2012 Brazil, Piauí, Civil Registration, 1875-2012 Canada Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police obituary card index and notices, 1876-2007 Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947 Czechoslovakia Czech Republic, Land Records,