David Coon: A Civil War story… and tragedy.

David Coon and Mary Ann (Adams)

I spent a great deal of time transcribing the typewritten copies of handwritten letters of David Coon to his wife and children from Confederate prison, marking the days until his subsequent death from disease. The original transcriptions were completed by his son, Dr. William B. Coon in 1913, one for each family member. My father-in-law

Can anyone help identify this mystery military uniform?

I’m in the process of writing an article about my Labelle and Périllard ancestors from Quebec, and decided to try to identify the mystery military uniform worn by the gentleman in this photo. This family lived in Québec and Ontario, as well as Vermont on the Périllard side. Could it possibly be attached to Vermont

Civil War dead are honored by planting 620,000 trees.

To honor the 150th anniversary of the civil war, holes are being dug in the grass median about an hour south the Mason-Dixon Line to plan oak, cedar, maple and dogwood trees. Approximately 740,000 soldiers are estimated to have died during the civil war’s short span of four years. This number is questionable because of