Protecting genealogy data and files!

Protect your genealogy data and files.

After twenty years of genealogy research, I have learned a few things about the fragility of the valuable data and files we work hard to accumulate. In response, I have worked hard to develop some good habits when it comes to protecting genealogy data and files.   Some of the issues I’ve encountered in the

New to genealogy? Start with free genealogy sites and tools online.

Using available free genealogy sites and tools to the best advantage. I’ve been doing genealogy research for well over fifteen years now and have amassed a database of over 100,000 individuals with supporting sources, images, and documents for over 90% of the individuals, which are available for free download. Yet, I still find new information

Let’s all work to save and expand our genealogical resources.

I have been researching my family’s genealogy for over twenty years and my appreciation of the tireless and volunteer contributions in the pursuit of genealogy is endless. All of our continuing efforts to expand our own genealogies do contribute to the cumulative effort of us all to save and expand our genealogical resources. At one

We must know the genealogy questions before we can find the answers.

It has become increasingly apparent recently that there are two distinct schools of thought regarding quality and depth in genealogy research. There are the genealogists who believe in working only with well-sourced, proven information – and then there are those of us who started our genealogical quests simply for the pleasure of doing so. Before

I’d like to see an open and free exchange of genealogical data.

Ideally, I’d like to see an open and free exchange of genealogical data. I’ve long been a proponent of the open and free exchange of genealogy data to ensure ready access to information for everyone researching their family history. This morning, however, I read “Cooperation Makes Records Available for Free” at and it made

Blythe Genealogy Database update and repair is now complete.

Update, August 1, 2013: The links from within my posts of transcriptions to images and individuals are now reset and functional, and the images, documents and sources on my Blythe Database are now working correctly. If you find a broken link, just enter the  Blythe Database also linked in upper horizontal menu), and go to