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Finally, we can honor our ancestral war heroes on the internet.

Memorial wall for Isaac ShelbyI take great pride in our family’s military history in both Canada and the United States and have been researching our ancestral war heroes for decades now.

There is a special emotional connection with these people that is not there for others and it’s based in my own appreciation for them and their sacrifices on behalf of the rest of us.

I just learned that Fold3 has launched ” The Honor Wall “, a memorial site dedicated to those who served in the military forces in the United States throughout history.

Right away, I had to check it out and found pages for some of our ancestors including General Hiram Ulysses S. Grant, Major General Isaac Shelby, Private David Coon, Private Alanson Adams, and Private Alonzo Beckwith Coon, to name a few. To learn more about these and any of our other ancestors who served their countries, you can search in either of the search boxes in the sidebar for this site or for the Blythe Genealogy database site.

I have added a few photos and data to the Honor Wall at Fold3 and intend to add more. It will, however, take some time.
This site will be an amazing resource for educating future generations about the service and sacrifices of our military service personnel over the centuries.

The Fold3 Blog has more about the Honor Wall.