The 1921 Canadian Census was released yesterday? Who knew?

1920 Canadian FamilyLorine at Olive Tree Genealogy knew the 1921 Canadian Census was released to Library and Archives Canada yesterday. I can’t say how she knew as there was no formal announcement, press release, etc. but I’m glad she did and wrote about it on her blog.

It’s a good thing I make a habit of reading other blogs in addition to my regular feed subscriptions for sites such as the Library and Archives Canada (LAC), the blog, the blog and several others.

Olive Tree Genealogy is only one of many I regularly read and was I surprised this morning when I read on her blog that the 1921 Canadian Census had finally been released  – yesterday! Where was the announcement or press release on their feed? There was no word at all!

It’s amazing that Library and Archives Canada didn’t feel this was newsworthy and deserved a formal announcement.

At least Lorine is in the know and is spreading the word. Thank you, Lorine!

photo credit: Whitby Archives via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “The 1921 Canadian Census was released yesterday? Who knew?”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Christine! Sometimes a contact or two in the various genealogy organizations provides me with details on what’s coming online.

    I’m allowed to blog about it as long as I honour their timeline (embargo) on when the info can be made pubic. And I’m thrilled to do that! 🙂

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