Little Red Schoolhous; Maple Shade, Burlington County, NJ; built in 1811

Transcription: Thorne, John; Will Extract; New Jersey and Colonial Documents; Page 480.


Transcription of an extract of the will of John Thorne, taken from ” New Jersey and Colonial Documents “; Page 480.

Featured image: Little Red Schoolhouse; Maple Shade, Burlington County, NJ; built in 1811.



New Jersey, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1817me and Stephen Brown. Other children—Thomas, Daniel, Sarah and Joanna, land purchased of George Harris, dec’d. Executors—Wife,  Sarah, and brother Jonathan Thompson. Witnesses—James Galloway, Samuel Whitehead, Jonathan Meeker. Proved April 13, 1731.
Lib. B, p. 206.
1734, May 15. Inventory, £111.18.09; made by David Whitehead and Henry Peirson.

1733, April 7. Thompson, William, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.; will of. Sons—Joseph (had portion); William (had portion); Samuel, the home plantation, he paying £15 to my son Benjamin and £5 to my grandson Sam’l Test when they will be 21; the said Benjamin to have 20 acres on the south side of the creek and 5 acres joining the bridge. Daughter, Sarah (had portion). Rest of personal estate  to son Benjamin and daughter Rebekah. One acre for use of a burying ground and a meeting-house for the people called Quakers. Executors—sons, William and Benjamin. Witnesses—Benjamin Holme, John Powel, Richard Bradford. Affirmed 25 April, 1734.
1734, April 25. Letters granted to William Thompson.
Lib. 3, p. 418.
1734, 2 mo. (Apr.), 16 da. Inventory (£146.13) made by Benj. Holmes, Daniel Fogg.

1750, Sept. 21. Thomson, Lewis, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Sarah. Daughters—Mary and Elizabeth. Brother,  Cornelius. Executors—brother, Thomas Thomson, and friend John Clayton. Witnesses—James Wilson, Rachel Willson, John Anderson.
Proved October 17, 1750.
Lib. E, p. 460.

1742, Oct. 4. Thorn, William, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.; will of. Son, Jedidiah, 30 acres. Son, Joseph, his present land, adjoining Abraham Tilton by the York Road. Sons—William, Thomas and Mahlon. Daughters—Mary Wright, Elizabeth Sykes and Meribah. Executors—wife, Meribah, and son Joseph. Witnesses—William Stiles, William Wetherill, Jos. Reckless. Proved Nov. 17, 1742.
Lib. 4, p. 350.
1742, Nov. 5. Inventory, £222.10.7; made by John Steward and Benjamin Robens.

1734, Sept. 18. Thornborough, George, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., cooper. Administration granted to Robert Ireland.
Lib. B, p. 587wi
1735, July 24. Account. Mentions bond of Adam Brewer.

1735-6, Feb. 16. Thorne, John, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co.; will of. Sons—John, Joseph, Samuell, Benjamin and Thomas, all under age. Daughters—Rebecca Simmons, Kathron King, Hannah, Sarah, Mary and Debra. Real and personal estate. Wife, Kathron, executrix. Witnesses—William Murfin, John Tantum, Samuel Merrit. Proved June 14, 1737.
Lib. 4, p. 106.
1737, June 6. Inventory, £200.19; made by John Tantum and William Wills. Includes silver plate £15; two Bibles and other books.

1735, May 20. Thorne, William, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int. Adm’rs, Mary Thorne and Richard FitzRandolph.
Lib. B, p. 587.

1730, March 24. Thorp, Joseph, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo-


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