Transcription: 70 signers of the Founding of Arichat Parish, Cape Breton.

Transcription: 70 signers of the Founding of Arichat Parish, Cape Breton.

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Following is the transcription of the short biographies of the 70 signers of the founding of Arichat Parish, Cape Breton, as originally translated by Lena Samson in 2006.


The 70 signers of the Founding of Arichat Parish, Cape Breton CO 217, vol 104, pp 409-410. RAC of 1905, app A, 3rd part, app J, p 308

“His Majesty’s faithfull Acadian subjects, Inhabiting the Isle of Madame” dated March 8, 1786, 70 heads of families, the founders of Arichat parish, thanked the lieutenant governor of Cape Breton, J.F.W. DesBarres, for the promise of land concessions, the permission to construct a church and school, and the request for tax exemptions. Stephen A. White, genealogist from the Centre d’Études Acadiennes at the Universite de Moncton, identified these 70 settlers in his Cahiers de la société historique acadienne, vol. XXIII, Jan. 1992, p. 4-26; titled “Les fondateurs de la paroisse d’Arichat, Cap-Breton”.

Translated by Lena Samson 2006


1/R Terrieaux

René Thériot, son of Joseph Theriot and Marguerite Melanson, born at Riviere aux Canards, the 4 Dec. 1721, baptized at Grand Pré, the 14 th of the same month, married at Grand Pré, 23 nov 1744, to Anne LeBlanc, daughter of notary René LeBlancand Marguerite Thébeau. Taking refuge at Nipisiguit, in the Bay de Chaleurs in 1761, René and Anne were taken prisoners and taken to Fort Cumberland and then to Halifax. Arriving in Arichat just after the Paris Treaty, René made friends with Charles Robin, according to Charles journal (photocopy CEA 521. 1-1: see page 1769-1) He died between 1806, when he changed his will, and 1810, the date of the register of this document in the county of Cape Breton.René is the ancestor of all the Theriaults of Isle Madame.

2/S Forrest

Simon Forrest, son of Pierre Forrest and Madeleine Babin, born at Pisiquit, about 1724, married about 1749 to Marguerite Gautrot, daughter of Jean Gautrot and Anne LeBlanc. Transported to Massachusetts in 1755, Simon and Marguerite stayed a few years at Weymouth, town of this colony. Retuned to Acadia in 1763-64, they settled at Arichat. According to Abbe J B A Ferland (Journal of a voyage on the shores of Gaspesie, 1836, page 416), Simon Forest died 1819, at the age of 95 years. He is the ancestor of the Forests of Isle Madame, Iles de la Madeleine and Gaspesie.

3/P Bauséjour

(B Beausejour) Paul Godin dit Bellefontaine dit Beausejour, son of Joseph Godin dit Beausejour and Marie-Anne Bergeron, born at Riviere St Jean, married about to Madeleine Dugas, daughter of Joseph Dugas and Marguerite Coste, and widow of Charles Fougere. Their marriage was revalidated at Arichat on 12 August 1771, by Abbe C F Bailly. A prisoner at Halifax in 1763, Paul Beausejour came to Isle Madame soon after, where he married Charles Fougere’s widow. According to Placide Gaudet (Genealogies Acadiennes, manuscript at CEA, pp2020-1 and 2), the descendants of his son, Michel, took the name of Bellefontaine, while his son, Paul, kept the name of Beausejour. Boniface Fougere, born of the first marriage of Madeleine Dugas, is “the old Fougere” of whom Edme Rameau de Saint Pere speaks (Cahiers de la SHA, vol 4, #5, April-June 1972, pp207-209).

4/C Boudrot

Madoise C Budro of L’Ardoise Charles Boudreau) Charles Boudrot dit Madouesse, son of Michel Boudrot and Anne Landry, born at Port Toulouse about 1725, married there about 1754 to Marguerite Dugas, daughter of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite Fougere. Charles and Marguerite seem to have escaped the evacuation of Ile Royale in 1758, by hiding in the woods. In 1771, they were living in D’Escousse, where Abbe Bailly baptized 6 of their children. It seems they settled at Grand Digue (now Poulamon), in the same parish, because that is where their descendants were more numerous in the 19th century.

5/M Porryere

M Poirier Michel Poirier, son of Joseph Poirier and Jeanne Arseneau, possibly born at Beaubassin, married about 1756 to Judith Richard, daughter of Alexander Richard and Marie-Madeleine Thibodeau. According to an old story preserved by Placide Gaudet (CEA, 1.22-21) Michel and Judith were in the Fortress of Louisbourg, during the last siege; where their daughter Anastasie was born, in a casemate, and was always known, as a consequence, as Anastasie Casemate. In 1760, they were at Restigouche, and the following year at Nipisiguit. Taken as prisoners to Halifax, they were released in 1763. L’Abbe Bailly baptized 3 of their children in Arichat in 1771. The Poirier line is still strong in West Arichat.

6/A Belfontine

Anselme Bellefontaine Anselm Godin dit Bellefontaine, son of Charles Godin dit Boisjoli and Marie Melanson, was born at Riviere St Jean about 1738, married about 1766 to Marguerite Theriot, daughter of Rene Theriot (#1, above) and Anne LeBlanc. Anselm’s parents were prisoners at Halifax in 1763, Anselm, too, must have been among their 8 children who were also there. From Charles
Robin’s journal, we learn that Anselm worked with his father-in-law, building boats. He was alive in 1821, when he sold his land to Hippolyte Marmaud, future husband of his granddaughter, Marie Barbe LeBlanc. His only son, Marc Bellefontaine, settled at Grand Digue in New Brunswick, in June 1821. At Arichat, the name of Bellefontaine was continued by Michel Beausejour, whose father (#3) was Anselm’s first cousin.

7/R LaBlanc

R LeBlanc Rene LeBlanc, son of the notary René LeBlanc and Marguerite Thebeau, born at Grand Pre 10 nov 1731, married at Grand Pre in 1752 to Anne Blanchard, daughter of Rene Blanchard and Marguerite Theriot.Refugees at Bat de Chaleurs, with their brother-in-law, Rene Theriot (#1) Rene and Anne came to Arichat the same way, that is, by Fort Cumberland and Halifax. In 1790, Rene LeBlanc, with his sons, Mathurin and Hyacinthe, his son-in-law, Michel Boudrot and his nephews Joseph and Simon Theriot, obtained a big lot of land at Caribacou (now Port Malcolm), on Cape Breton Island, where they dreamed of founding a new settlement, but the place was not suitable, and they returned to Isle Madame.Rene. He was successful at selling this lot of land on 30 Jan 1811, but he is not on the census of the 29 march of the same year. He is the ancestor of the LeBlancs of West Arichat, Petit de Grat , River Bourgeois, etc.

8/J Forgeron

Joseph Sauvage dit Forgeron, son of Pierre Sauvage dit Forgeron and Marie Jeanne Pinet, was born at Port Toulouse about 1752, married (1) about 1773, Theotiste Fougere, daughter of Joseph Fougere (#54) and Marguerite Coste, and (2) bef 1808, Osite, probably, Osite Henry (#47) and Marie Carret. The Forgeron families were not among the evacuees from Isle Royale after the fall of Louisbourg, but their whereabouts between 1758 and 1771, When L’Abbe Bailly met them in Arichat, is unknown. Joseph and his brothers Jean and Paul, and brother-in-law Michel Boutin (#46), settled at Little Arichat,(now West Arichat), on land they were granted in 1790. Navigator, he died after 4 oct 1819, the date he sold his land at Little Arichat. Joseph Forgeron’s 3 daughters have left numerous descendants.

9/P Forgeron

Paul Sauvage dit Forgeron, brother of (8), was born about 1759, married (1) about 1784, Henriette Boudrot, daughter of Joseph Boudrot and Judith Fougere, and (2) about 1810, Apollonie Boucher, daughter of Honore Boucher and Marie Anne Marres dit La Sonde, and widow of Joseph Fougere. Through their only son, Pierre, Paul and Henriette had many descendants at West Arichat, but at this moment, this line only exists in the United States.

10/J Forgeron

Jean Sauvage dit Forgeron, brother to (8 and 9), born at Port Toulouse about 1754, married (1) a woman not known yet, and (2) abt 1792, Genevieve-Sophie Daigre, daughter of Gregoire Daigre and Marguerite Josephe Henry. He died after 27 March 1821, when he signed away his land in Little Arichat. Jean and Sophie Forgeron’s descendants still reside on Isle Madame.

(I did not know the word hypotheque, and translated it to “signed away”)

11/J Forrest

Jean Forest, son of Simon Forest (#2), and Marguerite Gautrot, was born at Pisiquit, about Sept 1750, married about 1773 to Modeste Fougere, daughter of Joseph Fougere (#54), and Marguerite Coste. Deported to Massachusetts with his parents, he returned with them to Acadia, and became a builder and long-range captain. He probably lost his life, in the sinking of his Schooner “Mary” in 1801. (J P Parker,Cape Breton Ships and Men, 1967, p 98) The descendants of his only son, Jean, lived in Arichat until about 1900.

12/A Landri

A Landry Alexandre Landry, son of Joseph Landry and Marie-Marguerite Breau, baptised at Port Toulouse, about 1754, married around 1775, Madeleine Marchand, daughter of Jean Marchand and Genevieve Pouget. He possibly was born at River Inhabitants, where his parents were in the census of 1752. He He was at Miquelon, with his father, a widower, in 1767. Deported from the islands later, in 1767, Alexandre resided with his father and sisters at L’Ardoise, from where he moved to Petit de Grat before 1788. Many of the Landry name claim him as their ancestor.

13/ S Forrest

Jun S Forest, Junr Simeon or Simon Forest, son of Simon Forest (#2) and Marguerite Gautrot, born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, 20 Feb 1757, married about 1780, to Cecile Boudrot, daughter of Louis Boudrot and Barbe Fougere. Returning to Acadia with his parents, Simeon was baptised, at the age of 14, by L’Abbe Bailly, on 28 July 1771. Having learned English, while living in exile, Simeon helped his neighbours and friends, especially as their spokesperson with the government, according to a letter, sent by his great grandson, Bernard Pate, to Placide Gaudet (CEA 1. 66-18) He died before 7 April 1809, when his widow, sold his share of the Forestland grant to his brother, Paul. His widow became tavern keeper at Arichat.

14/ C Porryere omitted

Charles Poirier, son of Charles Poirier (#30) and Marguerite Vigneau, born at Port Toulouse in 1750, married (1) about 1780, Rose McDonald, daughter of Thomas McDonald and Marie Hill, and (2), to Dorothee Petitpas. Charles and Rose had a large family in D’Escousse, where part of the parish bears the name Poirierville, in their honour.

15/Jos. Terrieaux omitted

Joseph Theriot, son of Rene Theriot (#1) and Anne LeBlanc, married at Arichat 4 Nov 1771, Anne Boudrot, daughter Michel Boudrot and Anne Fougere. He helped his maternal uncle, Rene LeBlanc, (#7) with the building of a colony at Carabacou, but soon returned to Arichat.According to a letter sent by L’Abbe Francois Lejamtel, to the Bishop of Quebec, dated 2 June 1803, Joseph possibly drowned on his return trip from Halifax in 1798. His descendants lived mostly in Arichat and Petit de Grat until the end of the 19th century.

16/S Terrieaux

S Terrieaux Simon Theriot, brother to (#15) born at Remshig, about nov 1749, and baptized at Port LaJoie on 10 Aug 1750, married about 1775 to Marguerite Bodrot, daughter of Louis Boudrot and Barbe Fougere. He was involved with the colony of Caribacou, but settled at Grand Ruisseau, (now Port Royal, Isle Madame), following his return to Isle Madame. He died between 28 April 1820 and 12 April 1922, according to papers concerning the sale of land. Simon is the ancestor of the Theriault line in West Arichat.

17/A Minuet

A Muniel (Morel) (Maure) Antoine Meunier, born about 1731 in France, married about 1768, Marie Josephe (Josette) Sauvage dit Forgeron, daughter of Pierre Sauvage dit Forgeron and Marie Jeanne Pinet. L’Abbe Bailly revalidated the Marriage of Antoine and Marie Josephe at Arichat, 12 Aug 1771. In 1808, his brothers-in-law sold Antoine their share of the land grant in Little Arichat (West Arichat), where the Meuniers are still of great number. We learned that Antoine was native of France, thru the Militia List for Cape Breton of 1813, where he is listed as being 82 years old.

18/ V Terrieaux

V Terrieux (Terriot) Victor Theriot, son of Rene Theriot (#1) and Anne LeBlanc, born about 1760, married (1) about 1783, Elisabeth Boudrot, daughter of Joseph Boudrot and Judith Fougere, and (2) about 1796, Ursula Fougere, daughter of Louis Fougere and Charlotte Sauvage dit Forgeron. Victor was the only heir on his father’s will. He was a captain in the Militia in 1813. He settled west of Arichat church, where his descendants Lived until the Emmigrations , at the end of the 19th century.

19/M Forrest

Forrest (Forest) Maximien Forrest, son of Simon Forest (#2) and Marguerite Gautrot, born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, 25 feb 1759, married (1) about 1780, Scholastique LeBlanc, daughter of Rene LeBlanc and Anne Blanchard, and (2) about 1805, Angelique LeBlanc, daughter of Joseph LeBlanc and Francoise Dugas,and widow of Piere Bernard Loubert. When he returned to Acadia with his parents, Maximien was baptised 28 july 1771, by L’Abbe Bailly in Arichat.He was a wholesaler, owner and captain of several schooners, Maximien passed away 28 feb 1840 in Arichat, Through his son, Charles, Maximien is the ancestor of all the Forest of Bonaventure, Quebec.

20/C Martell

C Martel Jean Charles Martel, son of Jean Baptiste Martel and Marie Josephe Pouget, born at Port Toulouse around 1734, Married, (1) about 1754 Marie-Madeleine Bois, daughter of Pierre Bois and Marie Coste, and (2) about 1769, Anne Landry, daughter of Joseph Landry and Marie-Matguerite Breau. This 2nd marriage was revalidated 3 oct 1771, in L’Ardoise. Most of the Martels of L’Ardoise can claim Charles as their ancestor. He was the paternal grandfather to Honore Martel (1806-1877), who was the first Acadien Member of the Legislative Assembley, for Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia.

21/C B Miciss

C B Micip (Mius) Charles Boudrot dit Mississe, son of Joseph Boudreau and Marguerite Dugas, born at Port Toulouse about 1738, married about 1766 to Barbe Bonin, daughter of Francois Bonin and Madeleine Fougere. L’Abbe Bailly revalidated their marriage, 25 oct 1771 at L’Ardoise. Afterwards, Charles and Barbe settled at Petit de Grat, where the majority of Boudreaus are his descendants.

22/ J Martell

J Martel Joseph Martel, son of Jean Baptiste Martel and Marie-Josephe Pouget, born about 1736 at Port Toulouse, married there about 1755, Jeanne (Jeanette) Samson, daughter of Michel Samson and Jeanne Testard. Taken away by boat to France, along with his father and mother in law in 1758, Joseph decided to return to Acadia with with them in 1764. Unfortunately, the boat, the “Neptune” sank, outside of Newfoundland, and his his wife’s parents, her brothers, Fabien and Louis, his sisters in law, Judith and Marie-Josephe, along with his own children, Madeleine and Louis, all perished. Having finally returned to Cape Breton in 1767, Joseph and Jeanette settled at L’Ardoise, and later at Rocky Bay, on Isle Madame. Joseph is ancestor to the Martells of Pondville.

23/S Brussare

S Brussare (Broussard) Simon Broussard, fils de Charles Broussard and Madeleine LeBlanc was born at Grand Pre, married about 1774 to Jeanne Boudrot, daughter of Michel Boudrot and Jeanne Fougere..Being orphaned, Simon came to Isle Mademe with his uncles, Rene LeBlanc (#7) and Rene Theriot (#1).Because we can only find one daughter, Francoise, spouse of Alexandre LeBlanc, we are of the opinion that Simon died at a young age.

24/A Landri

A Landry Alexis Landry, son of Jean Baptiste Landry and Marguerite Gautrot, was born about 1723 at Pisiguit, and married about 1748 to Marguerite Aucoin, daughter of Antoine Aucoin and Anne Breau. Alexis and Marguerite resided at River Inhabitants from 1750 on. It does not seem as if the family was deported, but in 1762, Alexis was listed on the list of refugees of Saint Suliac, in Bretagne, along with his brother-in-law, Antone Aucoin. Alexis and Marguerite were in Arichat on 26 july 1771, when L’Abbe Bailly baptised their son Jean Baptiste. The many descendants of Alexis, in order to distinguish themselves from the other Landrys, use Alexis as their last name, instead of Landry.

25/J Budro

J Budro (Boudrot) (Boudreau) Joseph Boudrot, son of Michel Boudrot and Jeanne Fougere, born at Port Toulouse, about nov 1751, married about 1774, Marguerite LeBlanc, daughter of Alexandre LeBlanc (#37) and Marguerite Boudrot. This family settled at Grand Dogue (Poulamon), where Joseph was a seaman in 1811, and a fisherman in 1813.

26/J Dugau

J Dugas (Joseph) Joseph Dugas, son of Claude Dugas and Marie Madeleine Belliveau, born at Port Toulouse, 1751, married at Arichat, 4 nov 1771, Anne Theriot, daughter of Rene Theriot (#1) and Anne LeBlanc. Joseph and Anne made their home on Isle Madame. He died shortly before 20 july 1805 (?), when his Father-in-law, Rene Theriot, replaced him, as executor of his will.

27/E Marchand

E Marchand (Eustache) Eustache Marchand, son of Jean Marchand and Genevieve Pouget, born at Port Toulouse about 1750, married about 1775, Charlotte Boudrot, daughter of Joseph Boudrot and Joseph Fougere. Eustache belonged to another family who evaded the British soldiers after the fall of Louisbourg.The Marchands were at L’ Ardoise, when L’Abbe Bailly visited that village in 1771, but it seems that he he settled in Upper Arichat, near Rocky Bay, soon after his marriage, where he was listed on the census of 1811 and 1813, as seaman and fisherman.

28/L Marchand

L Marchand (Louis) Louis Marchand, Brother to Eustache (#27) , was born in 1751, married about 1775 Theothiste Dugas, daughter of Claude Dugas and Marie Madeleine Belliveau. He settled in Upper Arichat, near Rocky Bay, by his brother Eustache. He died between 1793 and 1802. In 1811, his widow was listed alone on the census, living close to her only son, Joseph Marchand.

29/P Budro

P Budro (Boudreau) Prospere Boudrot, son of Louis Boudrot and Barbe Fougere, marrie, probably near the date of this list, to Esther LeBlanc, daughter of Rene LeBlanc (#7) and Anne Blanchard. Prospere and Esther settled at Grand Ruisseau (Port Royal), where he was fisheman and owner of a boat in 1811 and 1813.

30/C Porryere, Sen

C Porryere Senr (Poirier) Charles Poirier, son of Louis Poirier and Cecile Mognot, born at Beaubassin about 1721, married (1) at Beeaubassin, 8 feb 1746, to Marguerite Chiasson, daughter of Jean Baptiste Chiasson and Madeleine Boudrot, and (2) 15 nov 1747, at Beaubassin , to Marguerite Vigneau, daughter of Maurice Vigneau and Marguerite Comeau. Charles and his second wife, Marguerite settled at Port Toulouse after the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle. According to legend of Edme Rameaux de Saint Pere, Charles and his family hid in the woods, on an island in the Bras D’Or Lake, in 1758, where “all the dogs were killed, to prevent them from making noise”. (Cahiers de la SHA, vol 4, #5, april-june 1972, p 166) ten years or so later, Charles settled at Arichat, where he lived on land that was later expropriated to build the Court House, according to an appeal from his daughter, Eulalie. He is ancestor to the Poiriers of D’Escousse and The “Andriens” of Cheticamp.

31/F LaBlanc

F LaBlanc Francois LeBlanc, son of Francois LeBlanc and Anne Benoit, born at Cobeguit before 1735, married about 1767 Isabelle LeBlanc, daughter of Claude LeBlanc and Judith Benoit. Their marriage was revalidated by L’Abbe Bailly 12 aug 1771. Of their four children, two stayed on Isle Madame and the two others settled at Cheticamp and Margaree. Francois and Isabelle both died between 1806 and 18?

32/Jean A Landri

Jean A Landrie Jean Landry dit Alexis, fils d’Alexis Landry,(#24) et Marguerite Aucoin, born at Pisiguit about 1749, He Married about 1773, Anne Pitre, daughter of Joseph Pitre and Anne Bourg. Like many others, Jean and Anne left Isle Madame during the American War of Independence, and found refuge at Chezzetcook. Towards the end of 1790, they settled at Fortune Bay, on Ile St Jean (Prince Edward Island). They returned to Arichat before the census of 1811. Jean Landry seems to have died between 1811 and 1813.

33/Jos A Landri

Josh A Landrie (Jose) Joseph Landry dit Alexis, brother to Jean (#32) born at Pisiguit about 175? Married about 1777 to Adelaide —–. We believe that she was daughter of Pierre Bois and Jeanne Dugas, but have not ben able to prove it. Joseph and Adelaide settled at Arichat, where the 1811 census describes him as a yeoman. Their descendants are found at Isle Madame and Grand Digue, NB.

34/H Forrest

H Forrest (Forest) Pierre Hilarion Forest, son of Simon Forest (#2) and Marguerite Gautrot, was born at Pisiguit about dec 1752. He married, about 1776, Marguerite Boudrot, daughter of Charles Boudrot (#4) and Marguerite Dugas, Hilarion and Marguerite settled on the Forest land grant in Arichat. Hilarion is stated as a yeoman on the 1811 census of Cape Breton, and as a carpenter in 1813.

35/F Forrest

F Forrest (Forest) Firmin Forest, brother to (#34), born at Pisiguit about 1754m married (1) Marguerite Poirier, about 1778, daughter of Michel Poirier (#5) and Judith Richard, and (2) about 1785, Marie Martha Martel, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Martel and Anne Bourel. Firmin settled in Arichat, where he made a living with carpentry and fishing. He died between 1813 and 1816. His son, Francois Xavier, is the ancestor of the Forest at Iles de la Madeleine.

36/J C Hilbert

J C Hilbert (Hebert) Jean Hébert, son of Francois Hebert and Anne Marie Poirier, born at Beaubassin, 29 March 1741, married at Miquelom. 30 june 1766, Madeleine Bourg, daughter of Michel Bourg and Anne Boudrot, and it is believed, married again about 1795 at Arichat, Jeanne Francoise Dugas, daughter of Joseph Dugas and Marguerite LeBlanc., widow of Joseph Babin. Jean Hebert settled at the head of Arichat Harbour on a land grant, that included his sons, Joseph and Robert, his sons-in-law, Renaud Vigneau and Francois Maillet, also Simon and Joseph Babin, Jean and Pierre Boudrot. Given the fact that the last four were the sons and sons in law of Francoise Dugas, we believe that this family and Jean Hebert’s family were somehow related. By, this, we assumed that Jean Hebert had married, in a second marriage, Francoise Dugas.

37/A LaBlanc

A LaBlanc (LeBlanc) Alexandre LeBlanc, son of Joseph dit le Maigre LeBlanc and Anne Bourg, born at Grand Pré, 1 july 1732, Married at Port Toulouse, about 1754, to Marguerite Boudrot, daughter of Joseph Boudrot and Marguerite Dugas. Following the fall of Louisbourg, Alexandre and Marguerite found refuge in the Bay de Chaleurs, where he was captain in the Acadian militia. Taken prisoners in 1761, Alexander, Marguerite and their children were taken to Fort Cumberland, then Halifax. After the Paris Treaty in 1763, they arrived at Miquelon, where they stayed until 1774. Then, they definitely settled on the North side of Isle Madame.

38/P Porryere (Poirier)

Pierre Poirier, son of Charles Poirier (#30) and Marguerite Vigneau, born about 1760, married, most likely Close to the date of this document, to Nathalie dite Anasthasie Bonin, daughter of Jean Francois Bonin and Marguerite Josse. Pierre and Anasthasie homesteaded in that part of the parish of D’Escousse, known as Poirierville.Pierre died about 1806, according to a petition by Anasthasie, dated 1808, where she described herself as a widow of two years, taking care of her family of ten children.

39/G LaVache

G LaVache Firmin-Gregoire LaVache, son of Honore LaVache and Madeleine Daigre, born L’Anse aux Matelots (Sailor’s Cove, on 11 march 1753,and baptised at Port Lajoie, 12 april the following year.He married about 1778, Jeanne Dugas, daughter of Claude Dugas and Marie Madeleine Belliveau. Gregoire LaVache was transported in 1758 from Ile St Jean to Boulogne sur Mer, where most of his family died. He returned to Acadia with the Robins in 1774. Settling in Arichat, he made a living by fishing and sailing. He died between 1822 and 1830. Gregoire is the ancestor of all who bear the name of LaVache, but of this date, the name exists only in the United States.

40/J DeVoe

J DeVoe Josep DeVeau, son of Charlemagne dit Charles DeVeau (#70) and Anne Doucet [sic: should be Marie Gaudet [SAW]], born at Tantamarre about 1749, married (#1) about 1772, to Scholastique Landry, daughter of Jean Baptiste Landry (#43) and marie Josephe LeBlanc, and (2) , in 1794, to an unidentified woman. Joseph Deveau settled at Grand Digue (Poulamond), where he still lived during the Cape Breton Militia census of 1813. He was a fisherman. As well as the Deveaus of Richmond County, the Deveaus of Little Bras D’Or are his descendants.

41/P Burk

P Burk (Bourque) Pierre Bourg, son of Michel Bourg and Anne Boudrot, born St Pierre, Ile St Jean, 1 december 1740. He married about 1772, Cecile Dugas, daughter of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite Fougere. He was living in River Bourgeois at the time of the Cape Breton Militia census of 1813.By this, we presume that he, and not his brother, Joseph, who is the ancestor of the Bourgs of River Bourgeois. He made his living by fishing.

42/J Burk

J Burk (Bourque) Joseph Bourg, brother to the preceding person, was born at Port Toulouse about 1727. We could find no evidence that he was married; it could be that he was head of a family comprised of his mother, and (or) his sister Anne, who were registered in the 1767 census with him at Miquelon, also a brother Michel.His parents were originally from Port Royale, settled at Port Toulouse between 1720 and 1722, but shortly after Joseph’s birth, they moved to Tracadie, Ile St Jean. When she was left a widow, Anne Boudrot, found refuge at Nipisiguit, until taken prisoner by the English in 1761. She and her children were prisoners at Fort Cumberland, from where she reached Miquelon.

43/J La Bay Landrie

J La Bay Landrie Jean Baptiste dit L’Abbé Landry, son of Jean-Baptiste Landry and Marguerite Gautrot, was born at Grand Pré, 28 august 1712. He married, at Grand Pré, 29 October 1737, Marie-Josephe LeBlanc, daughter of Francois LeBlanc and Jeanne Hébert. These families sheltered at River Inhabitants, and were not transported ifrom Ile Royale. In 1771, Jean Baptiste and Marie-Josephe were in Arichat, where two of their children were baptised by Abbé Bailly.

44/B Girraware

B Girraware (Baptiste) (Girouard) Jean-Baptiste Girouard, son of Pierre Girouard and Cecile Detcheverry, born at Petit de Grat, about 1754, was married about 1778 to Gertrude Landry, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Landry (#43) and Marie-Josephe LeBlanc.Jean Baptiste and Gertrude settled on the West Arichat Island, long known by the Acadians of the area, as Girouard Island. He was a sailor. He died after 14 july 1832, when he made a will in favor of his daughter Gertrude’s children. He still has many descendants in West Arichat.

45/J Fougere

J Forugere (Fougere) Jean Fougere, son of Jean Fougere and Marie-Madeleine Belliveau, was born at Port Toulouse about 1742. He married, about 1767, Marguerite Landry, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Landry (#43) and Marie-Josephe LeBlanc. Jean and Marie revalidated their marriage 25 october 1771 at Petit de Grat, where two of their children were baptised. His children were mostly girls. His only son, Joseph Hilarion, nevertheless, is the ancestor of many of the names Fougere on Isle Madame, and the ggggrandfather of Mgr Joseph-Vernon Fougere, bishop of Charlottetown.

46/M Budaine

M Budaine (Babin or Boutin) Michel Boutin, son of Joseph Boutin and Francoise Pitre, was born at Spanish Bay (Sydney) 6 april 1751, baptised at Louisbourg the following 11 october. He married about 1780, Charlotte Sauvage dit Forgeron, daughter of Pierre Sauvage dit Forgeron and Marie Jeanne Pinet, widow of Louis Fougere. Separated from his parents , he was alone in Nipisiguit in 1761. We do not know how he came to Isle Madame, but he is mentioned in 1771, when he was godfather to Genevieve Bois. He settled in West Arichat, with his brothers-in-law, Joseph, Jean and Pierre Forgeron. He was one of the first churchwardens of the parish of Arichat in 1803. The children of Michel and Charlotte, were renowned for their long lives, five out of the six of them lived to between 85 and 100 years. All the Boutins of Isle Madame are their descendants.

47/J Anrie

J Anrie (Henry) Jean Henry, son of Jean Henry and Marie Hébert, was born about 1719 at Cobeguit. He married 30 april 1742 at Beaubassin, Marie Carret, daughter of Pierre Carret and Angelique Chiasson. Jean and marie left Cobeguit, to find refuge at West River, Ile ST Jean in 1750. They were transported to Saint Malo, during the winter of 1758-1759. Jean Henry left his family at Saint Servan, and went to Malouines Islands about 1767. Jean, Marie and their daughters Marguerite-Josephe, Marie and Osite, returned to Acadia in 1774.

48/G Charpantier

G Charpentier Georges Charpentier, son of Charles Charpentier and Marie-Josephe dit la Garenne Chesnay, was born april 1729, at Saint Pierre du Nord, Ile St Jean. Il marie (1) a St Servan, 27 janvier 17–, Anne Cyr, daughter of jean jacques Cyr and Marie Josephe Hébert, and (2) at Arichat, about 1779, Marguerite-Josephe Henry, daughter of Jean Henry (#47) and Marie Carret, widow of Gregoire Daigre. Deported from Ile St Jean to Bretagne in the winter of 1758-1759, Georges found himself in a very different world than the one he knew. Uniting his fate with Anne Cyr, he devoted himself to the colonisation of the Malouine Islands (Falkland Islands) with his in laws.Returning to France after 4 or 5 years, the Charpentier family had trouble in mixing into city life. In 1774, Georges had the opportunity to return to Acadia, and took it, motivated by intent to rejoin his maternal uncle, Mathieu Samson. After 6 years on Isle Madame, Georges and his second wife, Marguerite-Josephe moved to Bonaventure, where their marriage was revalidated 8 november 1780.Bup Gaspesie was not to their satisfaction, and, around 1784, they returned to Isle Madame, and later, to Havre Boucher. In the 1800’s, their descendants lived in Antigonish County and Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island.

49/L Bennois

L Benois (Benoit) Michel dit Lazare Benoit, son of Guillaume Benoit and Marie-Josephe Gautrot, was born around 1732 at Pisiguit; married about 1755 at Port Toulouse, Marguerite Landry, daughter of Joseph Landry and Elizabeth Vincent. Lazare and Marguerite escaped the deportation, and very little is known about them. They had 2 of their children baptised at Arichat, in 1771.Then, we find the family at Havre Boucher, where Lazare is listed on the taxpayers list of 1794.

50/C LaBlanc

C LaBlanc (LeBlanc) Charles LeBlanc, son of Francois LeBlanc and Anne Michel, was born 175-. He married 7 november 1780, at Bonaventure, PQ, daughter of Gregoire Daigre and Marguerite Josephe Henry. Deported with his mother in 1758, from Ile St Jean to Cherbourg, Charles lived at St Servan, where he became a sailor. He returned to Acadia in 17–, with his mother and father-inlaw, Pierre Robichaud. Around 1784, he immigrated to Isle Madame, and about 1787, he left for Havre Boucher, with other members of his wife’s family. Some of his descendants live at Havre Boucher and Tracadie, NS, and Souris, PEI. One of his grandsons was Father Hubert Girroir (1825-1884) (See Cahiers de la SHA, vol 6, #2, june 1975, pp 69-71)

51/J Sansan

J Sanson Jean Baptiste Samson, son of Mathieu Samson and Marguerite Pouget dit LaPierre, was born about 1736, at Port Toulouse. He married, about 1763, Marguerite Francoise Clergé, daughter of Claude Clergé and Francoise Lavergne. Jean Baptiste and Francoise were at L’Ardoise after the “Grand Dérangement”, where Abbeé Bailly baptised 2 of their children. They were among the first colonists of River Bourgeois, where we find Jean’s widow, in the 1811 census, with her sons, Jean, Martin and Louis.

52/J Dugau

J Dugau (Dugas) Joseph Bernard Dugas, son of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite Fougere, was born at Port Toulouse about april 1751. He married about 1777, Anastasie Poirier dite Anastasie Casemate, daughter of Michel Poirier (#5) and Judith Richard. Joseph and Anastasie settled ai Little Arichat (West Arichat) where their only son, Joseph Bernard, continued his lineage. Joseph Bernard Dugas, Sr, died before the census of 1811.

53/F Prevost

F Prevost (Prévost) Francois Prevost, born in France around 1752, married about 1784, Julienne dite Helene Coste, daughter of Claude Coste and Marguerite Vigneau. Francois and Helene left Isle Madame to settle at Tracadie, NS, about 1795, but they returned, to settle at Grand Digue (Poulamond) where they were listed on the 1811 census. Francois died between 17 april 1826, when he sold some land at Poulamond, and 1 march 1834, when his widow and children, sold another piece of land in the same area. The descendants of his only son, Francois Laurent, have changed the name to Provost.

54/J Fougere

J Fougere ( Fougere) Joseph Fougere, son of Jean Fougere and Marie Bourg, was born at Port Royale, 25 april 1720. He married around 1747, Marguerite Coste, daughter of Jacques Coste and Francoise Petitpas. Joseph was a coastal navigator at Port Toulouse, before the Grand Derangement. He was in Arichat, with his wife, in 1771, where 4 of their children were baptised, by Abbe Bailly. They abandoned their land in Arichat, before 1790, so they could leave and settle at Havre Boucher, where Joseph is listed among the taxpayers of 1794. Joseph and Marguerite are the ancestors of the Fougeres of Havre Boucher and Guysborough County.

55/P Girraware

P Girraware (Paul Girouard) Paul Girouard, was born about 1752, in Petit de Grat, son of Pierre Girouard and Cecile Detcheverry.he married about 1772, Angelique Boucher, daughter of Honore Boucher and Marie-Anne marres dit La Sonde. Paul was a fisherman in Arichat, where he had settled, on the south side of the harbour, on a land grant, between his brothers in law, Lawrence Kavanaugh and Pierre Boucher. He died between 1815, when he asked for another land grant in River Inhabitants, and 1824, when his oldest son and namesake, sold a piece of land, as the inheritor of his father.

56/J La Bay Landrie Jun.

J La Bay Landrie Junr Jean Baptiste Landry dit L’Abbé, was born at Pisiguit, about 1739, son of Jean Baptiste Landry (#43) and Marie Josephe LeBlanc. He married on 28 November 1765, at Ile Royale, Marie Dugas, daughter of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite LeBlanc. Jean-Baptiste and Marie accompanied Abraham Dugas and family to Miquelon, where their marriage was revalidated 2 may 1766. All the six children of Jean Baptiste and Marie ere born on Miquelon, but after Marie’s death in 1777, Jean Baptiste returned to Isle Madame. He died after 7 april 1804, the date where he sold some land in West Arichat. There are still many descendants living on the land grant that he received.

57/A L’Avandier

A L’Avannier (L’Avandier) Abraham Lavandier, son of Antoine Lavandier and Francoise Lavergne, was born about 1735, at Port Toulouse. He married, about 1758, Genevieve Bénard, daughter of Pierre Bénard and Cécile Longuépée. Abraham followed his half-brother Louis Petitpas to Chezzetcook in 1760. After 20 years in this area, he moved to Isle Madame. Not long after the date of this document, he moved his family to Havre Boucher, where he received a land grant, in 1809. His descendants in Havre Boucher are known by the name of Levangie, but those on Prince Edward Island, have kept the original name of Lavandier.

58/M Budro

M Budro (Boudreau) Michel Boudreau dit Miquetau, son of Michel Boudreau and Jeanne Fougere, was born about 1755 at Port Toulouse. He married about 1782, Marie LeBlanc, daughter of René LeBlanc (#7) and Anne Blanchard. He settled at Boudreau’s Point in West Arichat, where he was a sailor and owner of a ship. Michel died between 1832 and 1839. According to a legend told to Placide Gauthier by Bernard Pate, (CEA 1.66-18), Michel and his wife were buried in Our Lady of Assumption Church, Arichat, because of all the donations they had made to the parish.

59/N LaBlanc

V LaBlanc (LeBlanc) Hyacinthe dit Elias LeBlanc, son of René LeBlanc (#7) and Anne Blanchard, was born 1 February 1762, and baptized at Arichat 30 July 1771. He married (1) about 1784, Emilie Dugas dite Baie de la Ouine, daughter of Charles Dugas and Félécité Bugeaud, and (2), about 1805, to Anne Vincent , daughter of Simon Vincent and Théotiste Cyr.After a trial period at Caribacou, Hyacinthe settled in West Arichat, where he was sailor and owner of a ship in 1811 and in 1813. He is the Ancestor of the LeBlanc’s of River Bourgeois and Little Bras D’Or.

60/M LaBlanc

M Lablanc (LeBlanc) Mathurin LeBlanc, brother of Hyacinthe, was born at Grand Pré about 1753. He married about 1775, Modeste Catherine Fougere, daughter of Charles Fougere and Madeleine Dugas. Mathurin was involved in the colonization of Caribacou, but on returning to Isle Madame, he definitely settled at Grand Ruisseau (West Arichat), where he was a seaman. He died between 14 November 1822, when he made his will, and 14 Feb 1823, the date this will was recorded in Sydney. Thru his 10 sons, Mathurin is the ancestor of a great many LeBlanc’s in West Arichat and Petit de Grat.

61/J DeRoche

J DeRoche (Alexandre DesRoches) Joseph DesRoches, son of Louis DesRoches and Marguerite Arseneau, was born at Malpeque, Ile St Jean, 3 Jan 1744, and baptized at St Peter of the North, the following 17 may.About 1767, he married Anne Gertrude Landry, daughter of Joseph Landry and Marie-Marguerite Breau. Abbé Bailly revalidated their marriage, in Arichat, on 12 August 1771, where he had built his home. He made his living as a fisherman. Joseph died after 4 August 1821, the date when he had sold some land.

62/A DeRoche

A DeRoche (Alexandre DesRoches) Alexandre DesRoches, brother to Joseph, (#61) was born in Malpeque about 1740, married 4 November 1771 at Arichat, Marie Josse, daughter of Francois Josse and Marie Marguerite Dardy. Alexandre and Marie settled in Arichat. Alexandre died before 1 May 1809, when his widow and their eldest son sold a piece of land in Arichat

63/M Sansan

M Sanson Michel Samson, son of Michel Samson and Jeanne Testard, was born at Port Toulouse, about 1738. He married about 1761, Madeleine Martel, daughter of Jean Baptiste Martel and Marie-Josephe Pouget. Michel seems to have escaped the expulsion of 1758, from Ile Royale, when his parents and all his brothers and sisters were sent to France. He stayed for a few years in L’ Ardoise, where Abbé Bailly revalidated their marriage, 3 October 1771, and baptized their first 5 children. Later, we find him at Petit de Grat, where still live a great number of his descendants.

64/B Martell

B Martell Jean Baptiste Martel, son of Jean-Baptiste Martel and Marie-Josephe Pouget, was born at Port Toulouse about 1739. About 1760, he married Anne Bourel, daughter of Francois Bourel and Madeleine Arseneau. Jean Baptiste and Anne were living in L’Ardoise, at the time when Abbé Bailly, revalidated their marriage 3 October 1771. Later, they moved and settled at Petit de Grat, where Jean Baptiste was a sharecropper in 1811. His lineage continues at Petit de Grat.

65/S Fougere

S Fougere Simon Fougere, son of Charles Fougere and Madeleine Dugas, was born 22 October 1760, and baptised at Arichat, 28 July 1771. He married (1) in 1784, Marguerite Samson, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Samson and Marguerite Francoise Clergé, and (2) about 1812, Madeleine Forest, daughter of Pierre Hilarion Forest (#34) and Marguerite Boudrot. Nicknamed Caniche, Simon
Fougere settled at River Bourgeois, beside the home of his first wife’s family. He became a fisherman. He died in River Bourgeois, 24 June 1843. He is ancestor to the Fougere’s of River Bourgeois and some from Poulamond.

66/J Richard

J Richard Jean Richard was born 22 February 1734, at Beaubassin, son of Alexandre Richard and Marie-Madeleine Thibodeau. He married, about 1766, Marie Th130riot, daughter of René Thériot (#1) and Anne LeBlanc. Jean and Marie had their marriage revalidated in Arichat, 12 August 1771. Later, Jean is found in West Arichat, where he was still living during the census of 1813. He was a widower, at the time.He was not there during the census of 1813. He is ancestor to all the Richard’s of Richmond County.

67/J Fougere

J Fougere Joseph Fougere, son of Joseph Fougere (#54) and Marguerite Coste, was born at Port Toulouse about 1758. He married about 1784, Appoline Boucher, daughter of Honore Boucher and Marie-Anne Marres dit la Sonde.Having settled on Isle Madame, Joseph and Appoline later left to settle at Havre Boucher, where they were on the tax list in 1794. Appoline , following the death of Joseph, returned to Isle Madame, and remarried to Paul Forgeron (#9)

68/P Babane

P Babane (Babin) Pierre Babin was born at Grand Pré, about 1753, son of Honore Babin and Anne LeBlanc. He married, about 1775, Marie Boudrot, daughter of Joseph Boudrot and Judith Fougere. Pierre, the only son of Honore and Anne, was transported with them to Massachusetts, in 1755. After 8 years of living in Braintree, the Babin family returned to Acadia. Pierre devoted his life to maritime life; finally reaching the rank of ship’s captain.He was among the first church wardens at Arichat, in 1803. The fact that he was chosen as executor for René Thériot’s will, and then replaced, we know that he died shortly before 16 July 1806. Before his death, he had applied for a land grant, which his wife received and is still known as Babin’s Hill.

69/C Fougere

C Fougere Charles Fougere, son of Joseph Fougere (#54) and Marguerite Coste, was born 30 November 1760, and baptised at Arichat, 28 July 1771. He married, probably close to the date of this document, to Marie Modeste Richard, daughter of Charles Richard and Anne Bonnevie.Charles and his spouse, Marie, left to settle at Havre Boucher, where they were listed as taxpayers, on the list of 1794. Mostly all their children stayed in Havre Boucher, except for 3 of his daughters, who married men from Isle Madame.

70/C Devoe

C Devoe (Deveau) Charlemagne dit Charles Deveau, son of Pierre Deveau and Marie Caissie, was born at Beaubassin, 20 July 1720. He married (1) about 1740, Anne Doucet, as yet, not identified, and (2) about 1751, Marie Gaudet, daughter of Guillaume Gaudet and Marie Boudrot. Charles Deveau lived at Tintamarre, before the Grand Derangement. After the fall of Fort Beausejour, he took refuge at the Boy of Chaleurs, where he was listed on the census of 1760. He went to Ile St Jean, and from there to Miquelon in 1765. He was found again in 1771, at D’Escousse. The Deveau’s of Richmond County, are descendants of his son, Joseph, (#40), and some of the Deveau’s of Cheticamp, are descendants of his son, Augustin.

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