Gummeson - Ella, Ken, Helen, Mazel, Axel

Transcription – Axel and Ella Gummeson and Family Biography



Axel and Ella Gummeson, and Kenneth age 10 weeks, left Amery, Wisconsin, U.S.A., by train and arrived in Cabri, Saskatchewan, on April 21, 1917. They took up residence at the August Gummeson farm on the south edge of town.

Several brothers and a sister of Axel had come to Cabri prior to this time. Ella, a sister of Edwin Johnson of Cabri, came from Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Gummeson - Ella, Ken, Helen, Mazel, AxelKen was born in Amery, Wisconsin in 1917. Mazel was born on January 26, 1920 in the Cottage Hospital at Cabri. In 1922 the family moved to the Herman Gummeson farm east of Cabri. Stanley was born in 1926 but died in infancy. Helen was born September, 1931. Helen’s date of birth is unknown, but I presume it was about 1928.

In 1928 Axel bought the NE, NW, and SE of 8-19-18 and the NE of 5-19-18 W3rd. Axel was an avid curler and hunter, an active member of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and a founding member of the Cabri Co-operative Association. Ella was a member of the Pioneer Women’s Club and the Cabri Brass Band Auxiliary. In 1945 Axel and Ella retired and moved to New Westminster, British Columbia, where Axel died in 1962 after a lengthy illness.

Mazel attended school in Cabri. In 1942 she went to Vancouver, B.C. where she joined the C.W.A.C. She married Elgin Six in 1950, and their son Robert was born in 1956. Mazel was later divorced, remarried to Jack Wallace, is now separated and lives with her mother in an apartment in New Westminster, B.C.

Helen took her schooling in Cabri and New Westminster. In 1950 she married Gordon Cooper and they had four children, Tom, who is married and has two children, Judy is married and has one child, Jane is married and Jim is single. Gordon died in 1963 after a long illness. Helen remarried Gordon Kemp in 1967. They and their families reside in or near New Westminster, B.C.

Ken was educated in Cabri and started farming with his father in 1936. In 1940 he joined the R.C.A.F., serving until the spring of 1945 when he returned to Cabri and resumed farming. Ken was an active curler and a member of the Cabri Brass Band for many years. In 1951 he married Helen Dowling, a district Public Health Nurse. They had three children. Patrick was born in 1953, is married to Janice Berg, D.V.M., reside in Brooks, Alberta where Pat is farming. Mary Ellen was born in 1954, is a Registered Nurse working at Swift Current Union Hospital. She has two children, Tami who is 11, and Keri-Lyn who is three. Cathy was born in 1956, is married to Jim Hendry, R.C.M.P. and they reside in Vulcan, Alberta. They have two sons, Gregory who is five and Gary who is three years. Kristen Marie was born August 13, 1984.

Ken and family sold the farm to Ben Andreas in 1968, bought the Safari Motel in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and operated it for five years. He sold the Motel, worked for a few years for Co-op Implements and is now retired. Ken and Helen continue to live in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

(Through the Years: History of Cabri and District; Page 447; Cabri History Book Committee.)


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