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Transcription: Baptism record of Elizabeth Chamberlaine of Harrington, Northamptonshire, 2 Sep 1676.


The following is my transcription of two pages of parish records including that of the baptism record of Elizabeth Chamberlaine of Harrington, Northamptonshire of 2 Sep 1676.


Chamberlaine, Elizabeth; Northamptonshire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1532-1812


Son of Wm Danford & Elizab~ his wife …ized March 15


Clement Clypson was buryed Decemb~ 15.
Lawrence Violls Sheapheard buryed March ye 8.
Johnes Perkins Rector.

Ann the daughter of George Dimbleby & Ffrances his wife was baptized March ye 27.
Sarah ye daughter of Ffrancis Billingham was baptized July ye 12.
Margarett the daughter of John Magnes Gent. & Barbara his wife was baptized August the 27.
Sarah the daughter of Robt Fiolls and Eliz: his wife was baptized September the 4.
Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Chamberlaine and Elizabeth his wife baptized Septembe ye ii.
Henry ye sonn of Wm Turner and Ann his wife was baptized October the iith
John the sonn of John Perkins Rector and Merty his wie was borne October ye i6 and baptized October the 20.
Christopher ye sonn of Christophe Bradshaw and Elizab: his wife was baptized Novembe the 20.
Jane the daughter of Samuel Sutton and Jane his wife was baptized March the i6th.
John Perkins Rector.

John Bugby and Ann Ekins both of Harrington were marryed April the i5.
Francis Greene of Harrington and Ann Panther of Daisborough were marryed May ye 23.
Thomas Bennett of Clipston and Anne Tanner of Daisborough were marryed June the i7.
James Smith of Marston and Lidia Linnett of Gumbly County of Leiceste were marryed Aug: ye i2.
Richard Ligiard and Mary Peats both of Wellingborough were marryed September the ii.
John Heblethwait of Pychly Clerke and Mary Hurst of Danton were marryed Septembe the i4.
Wm Green & Elizabeth Harlock both of Harrington were marryed the 23.
Christopher Ellis and Mary Violls both of Orton were marryed O ctober the i0th.
John Langton of Harborow & Mary Kendall of Oxender were marryed October ye i4th.
John Baldwin of Bowden parva & Elizab: Sprigg of Farndon were marryed October the 2i.
Edward Burton of Bowden parva & Frances Moore of Braybrooke were marryed December ye i0th.
Thomas Casteland of Oakely Magna and Mary Hull of ????? were marryed December the 27.

Transcription: Baptism record of Elizabeth Chamberlaine of 2 Sep 1676.
Transcription: Baptism record of Elizabeth Chamberlaine of 2 Sep 1676.

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