Utica, Ohio
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Transcription: Coon family reunion article; “The Newark Advocate” of August 21, 1937.

Article regarding the Coon family reunion in “The Newark Advocate” of August 21, 1937.


Coon Reunion.

Coon; Reunion Article; The Newark Advocate; August 21, 1937
Coon; Reunion Article; The Newark Advocate; August 21, 1937

The 12th annual Coon reunion was held in ”Roadside park” Utica, Sunday, with 38 relatives and friends present. During the business meeting, in charge of the president, Fred Cullison, the following officers were elected for the coming year: President. Clive Davis, Utica; vice president. Cary Coon, Hanover; secretary-treasurer, Paulme Barcus, Mt. Vernon. . Following the picnic dinner, a short program was given. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. John Coon. Mrs. Sara Devoll, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cullison. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Roberts and daughters Betty, Marie and Lois. Mr. and Mrs. John Holland of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Logan Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Clive Davis and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stradley and children, Garland Moreland. Cary Barcus. Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Clark. Mr. and Mrs Finley Holton. Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Francis and children, Vernon Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Marmie and children. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marmie. Ralph Daugherty; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Devoll. and John Speers, Cambridge: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Smith. Raymond Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Holton and children. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marmie and children. Mr. and Mrs. Cary Coon: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Day and son. Mt Vernon; Harold and Edna Hupp. Margaret Keyser. Cambridge: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barcus and daughters. Mt. Vernon: Gale and Albert Earley. Utica. The meeting next year will be held in the same place.


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