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Transcription: Death records of Andover, Massachusetts; 1719-1723.

The following is my transcription of a page of death entries of Andover Massachusetts between the years 1719 and 1723.


It’s quite clear from these entries that there were many deaths from smallpox in the latter part of 1721 and the early part of 1722.

Featured image: Gravestone of Christopher Osgood in the Old North Parish Burying Ground, Andover, Massachusetts.


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??? Joseph Robbinson dyed June ye 15th : 1719 aged about 74:07.5
ph??by Chandler daughter of ye Thomas and Mary Chandler dyed Jan ??? 1719 } 2
William Holt son of Henry and Sarh Holt dyed December ye se? 1719 : 8
Hannah Johnson wife of Johannis Johnson dyed February ye 8:1719 } ?0
Thomas Ross son of John and Sarah Ross dyed December ye 17 : 1719
Nicholas Nichols dyed February ye 14? 1719 } 20
John Gray son of Edward and Sarah Gray dyed the 4th day of June 1720
Jonathan ?????? son of Jonathan and Elizebeth ?????? dyed the 10 of December 1720 3 weeks wanting 2 days old
Sarah How Daughter of Joseph and Mary How dyed dy 11 of February 1720 – 21
Elezebeth Chandler Daughter of Philemon and Elezebeth Chandler dyed the 21 of February 1720 – 21
D???? John Abbott dyed March the 19 – 1720 – 21
The widow Mary Foster relect of Andrew Foster dyed the 19 of April 1721
Jonathan Barnum son of Robert and Rebeca Barnum dyed the 3 of June 1721
Hannah Ingalls Daughter of Henry and Hannah Ingalls one of their twins Died the 4th of August 1721
Ebenezer Abbott son of Ebenezer Abbott & Hannah Abbott Died July 18th 1721
Joseph Emery Died the 22nd of September 1721
Hannah Carlton Daughter of John and Hannah Carlton Died the 25 of September 1721
Capt. John Chandler Died the 19th of September 1721


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Sarah Gray Daughter of Edward and Sarah Gray died at Boston of the smal pox the 10th of October 1721
Stephen Barker son of William and Mary Barker died the 26 of December 1721 of the smal pox
Joseph Dane son of Francis and Hannah Dane died the 27 of December 1721 of the smal pox
Decon John Barker Died the 3rd of January 1721/2 of the smal pox
Isaac Blanchard the son of Thos and Rose Blanchard died the 25 of January 1721/2 in 20 year of his age
Hannah Abbott Daughter of David and Hannah Abbott Died the 17 of February 1721/2
Joseph Ingalls the son of Joseph and Phebe Ingalls died the 20th of February 1721/2
Ebenezer King Died of on the Twentyeth 20th of February 1721/2 of the smal pox
Stephen Barnard Died the 12th of February 1721 In the 74 year of his age
Abigail Tiler wife of Jacob Tiler Died of the small pox the 25th of March 1722
The widow Elizebeth Johnson Relect of ???? Stephen Johnson Died the 11 day of April 1722
Elezebeth Tiler Daughter of Jacob and the aforesaid decees ?????? ???? Died 26 of April 1722
James Barnard the Son of James and Abigail Barnard Died on the 21st November 1722
Ensin Joseph Ballard Died on the 29 of September 1722.
David Stevens the Son of John and Hester Stevens Died on the 24 october – 1722
William Lovejoy the son of henry and Sarah Lovejoy Died on the 15th of April 1722
Mary Barker the Daughter of John and Sarah Barker died on the 11 of January – 1722/23
James? Holt the son of Nicholes and Mary Holt Died in the countrey servis on the 18 of December 1722
Elizebeth Faulkner Daughter of Edmond and Elizebeth Faulkner Died on the 28th of January – 1722/3
Mary Phelps Daughter of Thomas and Mary Phelps Died on the 3rd Day of March 1722
Capt. Christopher Osgood Died on ye 9th of May 1723 : In ye 80th year of his age
Mary Johnson the Wife of John Johnson Died on the 17th of May 1723
John Farnum Died on the 17th of June 1723 In the 83 year of his Age
Abigail Russell the wife of Robert Russell Died on ye 10 of May 1723
Mary Maston the Daughter of Jacob and Mary Maston Died on the 25 of September 1723
Samuel Chandler son of John and Hannah Chandler Died on the 29 of September 1723
Daniel Grainger ye son of John and Martha Grainger Died who was in the Country Servis and was kiled by the Indeans about ye 26 of June 1723


Death Records of Andover, Massachusetts; 1719-1723.
Death Records of Andover, Massachusetts; 1719-1723.


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