Joss family biography.

Transcription: Joss family biography.

The following is my transcription of the biography of the Joss family, taken as an excerpt from a compilation of numerous biographies in the book “Cabri: Through the Years”, page 619.



Duncan Joss came west from Quebec in 1909, with the railway, as a carpenter. He filed on his homestead, and brought his wife and four of his family. The eldest daughter, Mrs. Mitchell, was living at Oroville, Washington, U.S.A. by this time. George went on to Victoria, B.C. The youngest daughter, Verda, married Mack Mclntyre, a grain buyer in Cabri. She passed away in 1915. Arthur went to work as a grain buyer and lived at Elstow, Saskatchewan; he is now deceased.

Joss family biography.
The Joss family.

Howard married Annie Paton who had immigrated to Montreal, Quebec from Dundee. Scotland. She had come west with the Oughtreds, working for them for a while before marrying Howard in 1918. They lived and farmed the Joss land until 1944, when they moved to live on the Clarke Moore place now Jim Smith’s just out of town. This was to be closer to town and doctor. Howard passed away in 1947. Mrs. Joss moved to British Columbia in 1948 and passed away in I959. The had two daughters; Gladys, married Walter Gummeson in June 1943 and they have two daughters—Elaine, married to Jerome Haaf, and Lois married to George Seward and one son Verne married and living on a farm in the area.

Gladys passed away in August of 1981. Doris (Mrs. Micalehuk) lives in North Surrey, B.C. and has two sons.


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