Ellis Williams' house built c. 1754.

Transcription: Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of Goshen, 1756.


The following is my transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of Goshen, 1756.


Featured image above: Ellis Williams’ house built c. 1754. Was it built by this Ellis Williams just prior to his death, or by his son.


Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams


Know all men by these presents that I John Meredith of Chester County Yeoman being by Ellis Williams late of Goshen deceased, appointed one of the Executors of this Last Will and Testament, but for certain reasons me hereunto moving I do hereby renounce and refuse to act as an Executor thereunto, giveing my Consent that Letters Testamentary be by the proper oficer granted unto my co-Executor, Isaac Williams ; Witness my hand and seal the 25th day of February Anno Domini 1750.

John Meredith

Sealed & Delivered
In the presence of Henry H. Graham
Elisha Price


Transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of 1756, first page.

Ellis Williams’s Will
Proved 25th February 1756
Recorded in Book D, vol. 4,
page 30
No 1601

Transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of 1756, second page.

I Ellis Williams of the Township of Goshen in the County of Chester in the Province of Pensylvania yeoman being in good degree of health of body and of sound disposing mind and memory Praise be the Lord for the Same Do make and Ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner and form following that is to say First and Chiefly I recommend my soul into the hands of my Creator Almighty God that gave it And my Body I commit to the Earth to be dewally Buried at the direction of my Executors hereafter named, and as for what Temporal Estate it hath Please God to Bless me with in this Life I Give Devise and Dispose thereof as followeth that is to Say First I Order that my just Debts and Funerall Charges be first paid by my Executor also I Give and Bequeath unto my Eldest son Robert Williams the sum of Thirty Shillings Current Money of Pennsylvania and my little Round Table and Pine Chest Also I Give and Bequeath unto my son Ellis Williams my Cart and quilers and Plow and Irons and Harrow with Iron Tooth and my Horse Gers and my long Table and Couch and Feather Bed and Poplar Bed ????? below stairs the the Furniture thereof and a ????? bed above Stairs and the cloathing thereto belonging and my large Brass Cettle I Give Between my Said son Ellis and my son Isaac to be equally used by them as their occation may Require also I Give to my Son Ellis Four Bu?? ???? Chairs also I Give and bequeath to my Son Isaac my Hackney Cr??ture and Sadle and bre?? and my mild ??? and thy Arm Chair and Small Trunk and looking Glass and brass skillet And also my Will is that all the Moneys that my Said Son Isaac Williams Shall owe unto me at the Time of my Decease either upon Bonds Bills or otherwise Shall be Remitted to him Excepting Five Pounds Lawfull Money of this Province which I Charge him to Pay to my Grandson, George Garratt and the Sum of Twenty Shillings of like Money which I Charge him to Pay to my grandson Ellis Garrat and my will is that my Executors or the Survivor of them do Put out the Same Money upon Interest within Two Years next after my Decease to the Benefit of my Said Grand Children and to be Paid to them as they Respectively arrives to the age of Twenty one Years and if either of them Shall Sooner Dye then my will is that the whole Shall be Paid to the Survivor of them Also I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Mary the wife of Thomas Garratt my Walnut Oval Table and my warming Pan, Also I Give and Bequeath my Pewter Tea Pot to my Grand Daughter Mary Williams Also I Give and Bequeath off the Profit and Residue of my Pewter to my Two Grand Daughters fiz Esther Garratt and Ruth Garratt Also I Give and Bequeath all the Rest and Residue of my Personal Effects Goods Money or Effects whatsoever and wheresoever found to my Three Sons Transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of 1756, third page.

Robert Williams Ellis Williams Isaac Williams and my Daughter Mary the wif of Thomas Garratt to be Equally Divided Between them Share and Share Alike I Also Nominate Constitute and Appoint my Son Isaac Williams and my Brother in Law John Meredith to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament and lastly I do hereby Revoke and Declare to be Null and Void all former and Other Wills and Testaments by me made either in word or writing and do Dclare this only to be my last Will and Testament, In Witnes whereof I have I have hereunto Set my hand and and Seal this Fourteenth Day of the Fifth Month called May Anno. Dom. One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Four
Ellis ? Williams


Signed Sealed Published & Declared by the Said Ellis Williams to be his last Will and Testament [after Inter : ?nsation of the words and my Son Isaac between ye 19th & 20th lines and the word and brass skellet between 23d & 24th lines of ye first Page] in the Presence of us.

Lewis Williams | ????????????????????????????????????????????
Richd Jones
Ann Parker

Chester February 25th 1756

Then personally appeared Lewis Williams & Richd Jones two of the Witnesses to the above Will and on their Solemn Affirmations according to Law did Solemnly Sincerely and truly declare and Affrm that they were personally present and did See ???? Ellis Williams the Testator above named Sign Seal, Publish Pronounce and Declare the foregoing Writing to be his Last Will and Testamnt : And that at the doing thereof he was of Sound mind and memory to the best of their understandings, And also that their names Subscribed thereunto as Witnesses were of their own proper hand Writing respectively.

Affirmed Before I? ??????????

Transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Ellis Williams of 1756, fourth page.


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