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Genealogy transcription: Last Will and Testament of Johannis Withers.

The following is my genealogy transcription of the Last Will and Testament of Johannis Withers (John Withers). (The original data, images and more are also available on Blythe Genealogy.)

The Will image follows the transcription text.

In the name of God Amen The present ??? eighteenth day of November in the yeere of our Lord 1635 I Johannis Withers of Caninges ??? in the county of Wiltes yeoman being at this present tyme in perfect health of body and sound in my ???? memorie blessed be God, I do make & ordayne this my Last Will & Testament in ??????? forme following Imprimis I comend my soule into the handes of Almightie God hopeing assuredly to be saved by the onely meritte of my onely Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ And mybody unto the earth to be buryed in the parish churchyard of Bishops Caninge aforesaid Item I give to my brother John Withers twenty shillings in money my best Doublet my second best brooches Item I give to young John Stevens my servant forever provided in money to be payd him three yeeres after my decease Item I give to my sonne in Lawe Thomas Lyne his three children Edward Susan and Anne to each of them an Ewe and a lamb a piece. Item I give to my mayde servant Susan Kendall five poundes to be payd her at the day of her marriage. Item I give to my sister Alice tenne shilings Item I give every one of my godchildren sixe pence. Item I give to Our Lady Church of ??? ?????? ??? ???? pence. Item I give to the parish church of Bishops Caninge twelve pence. Item I give to the poore people belonging to the church of Canine ??? six shillings Item I give to Anne Wiltshire the daughter of Thomas Wiltshire deceased twentie poundes of lawfull money to be payd her when she is come to eighteen yeares of age. Item I bequeath to John Lyne my grandchild sonne to Thomas Lyne of Stort, all my f??? land situate and being within the parish Bishops Caninge And also my will is, that yf the said John Lyne shall fort???? to decease without issue of his body, lawfully begotten that then my land aforesaid in Bishops Caninge aforesaid shall remayne to my kindeman John Withers sonne to my brother John Withers, giving the foresaid lands to the John Withers the younger and to his heires for ever if the above named John Lyne the younger dyes without issue of his body lawfullie begotten. Item I give to my brother William Withers fortie shillinge in money my ?ust??? dublet, my best brooches my greene For?in and my best paire of Storkins shoos Item I give and bequeath to the above named John Lyne my grandchild sonne to Thomas Lyne ?? ????? aforesaid All my leaseholds which lyeth in ???? in the parish of ?ilmerton And further I give to the foresaid John Lyne all my leasehold within the parish of Bishop Caninge provided allwayes that the foresaid John Lyne shall give unto his brother Edward Lyne thirtie pound in currant money of England in consideration of the ??????? poundes which their father Thomas Lyne gave towardes the purchase of one leasehold in ???? aforesaid Item I give to my wife Susan Wither the feather bed, which wee lye on with the boulster and coverlet belonging to it and five pound in money Item I give unto John Lyne my grandchild the sonne of Thomas Lyne of Stort all the rest of my goodes & chattells moveable and ??????able not afore ??? ??? bequeatherd whom I make my sole and only Executor of this my Last Will and Testament Entreating my loving frendes Thomas Horeby vicar of Bishop Caninge aforesaid and my kinseman Thomas Withers of Caninge aforesaid to the the Overseers of this my last Will & Testament And doe give to my sd Oveerseers six shillinge a peece for their paynes. To all which I thee said John Withers have put to my hand John Withers – his mark. Wittnesses hereunto are Thomas Horebie Clarke Robert Alden his marke John Ashley

Probatum… written in Latin.

Will of Johannis Withers.
Will of Johannis Withers.


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