Last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler

Transcription: Last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler.


The following is my transcription of the last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler, wife of Joseph Ambler, aunt of Edward Ambler and sister-in-law of Edward’s father John Ambler. She was also the daughter of Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams.


Will of Sarah Ambler

late of Montgomery Dec.

Be it Remembered That I Sarah Ambler of Montgomery Township in the County of Montgomery and state of Pennsylvania, Widow, being far advanced in years, but of sound disposing mind memory and understanding do make my last Will and Testament in writing as follow to wit.

First. I do direct that all my just debts and (if any there should be) and my funeral expenses be carefully paid.

Second. It is my will that in case the remainder of the debt due to Grace Rogers after she shall have received her dividend out of my son John’s Estate

Last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler


will not hold as a lien upon the estate of my late husband Joseph Ambler deceased and to be paid in equal proportions by all his heirs, That the said Remainder of said debt to Grace Rodgers shall be paid out of my Estate before the residue thereof is divided as hereinafter directed.

Third. I give unto my daughter Sarah my best bed with the highpost bed steads curtans and best coverlet also a pair of sheets and blankets and half a dozen pewter plates.

Fourth. I give unto my daughter Mary my cow, pig the case of drawers, standing up stairs, The rush bottom arm chair and the half dozen common chairs of the like kind, also my silver tea spoons and sugar tongs – Also my best looking glass, and tea kettle.

Fifth. I give unto my son David my eight day clock.

Sixth. I give unto my three grand sons Mahlon, Watson and Isaac Ambler the sum of ten dollars each as a remembrance of my affection for them and under the impression upon my mind that owing to the great and sudden change in the value of property that has lately taken place, they will have receided such a proportion of their Grandfather’s estate, as places them fully on equal footing with the rest of the heirs.

Seventh. It is my will that my Wearing Apparel be equally divided (between my two daughters) between all his children And it is also my Will that my said daughter Mary shall hold in trust for the same purposes and subject to the same final division, all the movable property which I lately purchased for the use of my said Son John his home now. Further it is my will that if my son John’s wife should survive him, she shall enjoy the use and profits of one half of the remainder of the above trust during her life or widowhood.

Eighth. It is my will and I direct that the resideu of my estate be divided into two equal parts and one of those parts I give unto my son David and the other these equal parts I give and devise unto my daughter Mary & heirs & assigns in trust & in full confidence that she or they will apply the use or profits thereof to the aiding & ad???ting and for the entire lawful of my son John & his family and in case of the decease of my said son John it is my will that ?????? shall remain belonging to said trust be equally divided.

Lastly. I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my son David and daughter Mary Executors of this my last Will and testament hereby revoking all and any others by me heretofore made.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of the ninth month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one.

Sarah Ambler {SEAL}

Signed Sealed and declared to be her last Will and testament by the said Testator in our presence who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
George Roberts Jr.
Cadw. Foulke
Montgomery County S.S.

On the 2nd day of November 1831 personally appeared before me Benjamin Powell Deputy Register in and for said County Edward Ambler who being duly affirmed according to law saith that he was well acquainted with Cadwallader Foulke one of the subscribing witnesses to the said will that he is now deceased and that he this affirmant believes that the signature Cadw. Foulke is the proper handwriting of the said Cadwallader Foulke and further that he is well acquainted with the handwriting of Sarah Ambler the within Testator and believes that the signature Sarah Ambler is in the proper handwriting of the

Last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler


said Sarah Ambler
Edward Ambler

Affirmed and subscribed before
Ben Powel D.R.

And on the same day above written also appeared George Roberts Jr. the other subscribing witness to the within Will who being duly affirmed saith that he signed his name in the presence of the said Sarah Ambler the within testator and in the presence of the said Cadw. Foulke as witness, and that he saw and heard the said Sarah Ambler sign seal publish and declare the within Instrument of writing as and for her last Will and Testament, and at the time of so doing she was of a sound disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of his knowledge and belief

Ben Powell D.R.

Be it Remembered, that on the 2nd day of November A.D. 1831, the foregoing will of Sarah Ambler deceased was proven in due form of law and letters Testamentary thereon granted unto David Ambler and Mary Forman Executors therein named they having been duly affirmed well and truly to execute the same to file an Inventory of all the goods & chattels, Rights & Credits which were of the said dec’d. and to sender an account according to law – Also to diligently and faithfully regard and well and truly comply with the provisions of the act of Assembly Relating to Collateral Inheritances.
Ben Powell D.R.

Last Will and Testament of Sarah Ambler