Major General George Cadwalader

Transcription: Obituary for General George Cadwalader

Following is the transcription of the obituary for General George Cadwalader, published in the Bucks County Gazette on Thursday, February, 6, 1879.


Obituary; General George Cadwalader
Obituary for General George Cadwalader

General George Cadwalader died in Philadelphia, on Monday afternoon, in the seventy-third year of his age, from an attack resembling apoplexy, with which he was seized on Sunday night. He was a brother of Judge Cadwalader, who died on Sunday week, and was the last of the five sons of General Thomas Cadwalader. The deceased was born in Philadelphia, in 1806, engaged in mercantile business, and filled the position of President of the Mutual Insurance Company for a third of a century. He served gallantly in the Mexican War as well as in the Slaveholders’ Rebellion, and distinguished himself in both positions. His record is one of the best which he can safely leave behind as a grand inheritance to his family and friends.


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