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Transcription: Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1801-1928; Matte, Millette, Lafrance.


The following is my transcription of the official marriage registers of Jules and Alphonsine (Labelle) Matte, Amedee and Eliza (Lejeunesse) Millette and Henri and Marie Louise (Larocque) Lafrance for the date of December 31, 1895.


County of Carleton Division of Ottawa
BRIDEGROOM His Name Joseph Jules Matte Amedee Millette Henri Lafrance
Age 26 34 26
Residence when Married Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa
Place of Birth Gatineau Ryand do
Bachelor or Widow (B. or W.) B. W. B.
Rank or Profession Laborer Laborer
Name of Parents Jules Matte Francois Millette Janvier Lafrance
Alphonsine Martel Emilie Bertrand Marie Louise Brazeau
BRIDE Her Name Alphonsine Eugenie Labelle Eliza Lajeunesse Marie Louise Larocque
Age 21 27 26
Residence when Married Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa
Place of Birth do Ste. Agathe, P.Q. do
Spinster or Widow (S. or W.) S. S. S.
Names of Parents Dontaille Labelle Cyrille Lajeunesse Barnabe Larocque
Alphonsine Lalonde Joe Micheauville Sophie Cardinal
Names and Residences of Witnesses Rein Robert Joseph Beaudoin Maximes Leduc
J. Bte. Ranjer Olivia Lajeunesse Barnabe Larocque
Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa
Date and Place of Marriage Ottawa, Nov. 12th 1891 Ottawa, Nov. 18th 1895 Ottawa, Juin 16th 1895
Religious Denomination of Bridegroom RC RC RC
Religious Denomination of Bride RC RC RC
By Whom Married Rev. J. O. Routhier, J.G. Rev. Eugene Proulx J. O. Routhier, J.G.
By License or Banns (L. or B.) B. L. B.
I hereby certify the foregoing to be the true and correct entries of all Marriages returned to me for the half-year ending December 31, 1895.
Given under my hand this Thirtyieth day of December A.D. 1895
N.B. – Sign every Sheet. John Henderson Ottawa


Matte, Joseph Jules and Labelle, Alphonsine; Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1801-1928
Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1801-1928; Matte, Millette, Lafrance.

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