Robert Owen will
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Transcription: Partial will of Robert Owen of Pennsylvania’s Welsh tract.

The following is a transcript of the partial image of the will of Robert Owen of the Welsh Tract in Pennsylvania, scanned from “Merion in the Welsh Tract”. I’ve been able to find any reference to the missing top portion of the will.


Robert Owen will
Partial will of Robert Owen.

…????? fifty pound for & towards ye mantenance & pre?????ment of my other children which sume I doe wholey reffer to ye di????? of my here after named Legatees to be shared & divided among them as they find convenient & see cause

Also I doe constitute nominate & appoint my trusty & wellbeloved ffriends John Humphrey Hugh Roberts, John Roberts, Griffith John, Robert Jones, Robert Roberts, Robert Lloyd & Rowland Ellis to be trustees and overseers of this my will & testament, And doe hereby give full power to my forementioned friends to be my trustees to manage & dispose off my estate according to ye true ??? ??? of this my will & testament to ye best proffitt & advantage of my children.

Lastly I doe nominate & appoint my wellbeloved Cosin Griffith John abovenamed to be sole Executor of this my last will & testament. And doe hereby revoke & anull & make void all former wills by me hereto fore made In wittness whereof I have  hereunto sett my hand & seal the second day of ye tenth month in ye year 1697

Signed sealed & published in ye sight & presence of
Robt Owen     ‘SEAL’
John Owen
Rowland Ellis
Robt Jones


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