Transcription: Record of burials at Merion Meeting from 1682 to 1711.

The following is my transcription of the record of burials, p. 46 from 1682 to 1711.



Merion Quaker meeting record of burials from 1682 to 1711.
Merion Quaker meeting record of burials from 1682 to 1711.

Burials at Merion Meeting, Index to, D-M-Y
Owen Rebecca; Daughter of Robert and Rebecca; buried, 21-9-1697
Owen Robert; ;10-10-1697
Owen Josiah; son of Josiah and Martha; last day of 1-1697
Price Joan; ; 29-7-1699
Rinall Anne; 5-8-1685
Rees Catherine; Daughter of Edward Rees; 23-8-1682
Rees Mabby; Wife of Edward Rees; 19-2-1699
Roberts Janne; Wife of Hugh Roberts; 3-7-1686
Robert Richard; son of John Robert; 1-8-1690
Robert Elizabeth; Daughter of John and Gainor; 19-8-1690
Robert Elizabeth; Wife of Hugh Robert; 10-7-1691
Robert Catherine; wife of Robert Robert; 13-5-1697
Robert ????; son of Hugh Robert; 5-1697
Roberts Catherine; Widow; 19-11-1697
Robert Elizabeth; Wife of John Roberts; 31-8-1699
Robert Elizabeth; Wife of Roger Robert; 2-6-1700
Robert Hugh; aged 58 years; 20-6-1702
Robert Margaret; Wife of William Roberts; 16-11-1703
Roberts John; ; 1704
Thomas David; ; 16-11-1694
Thomas Margaret; ; 2-9-1694
Thomas Sarah; Daughter of Abel and Elizabeth; 7-9-1698
Thomas Ann; ; 29-5-1700
Williams Evan John; ; 10-11-1683
Williams Elizabeth; ; 20-1-1699
William Rees John; ; 26-11-1697
Watkins John; ; 16-9-1682
Burials at Merion 62
from 1682 to 1711
23-8m-1682 2 27-2m-1711



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