Transcription: Virginia Marriage Records, 1700-1850; ‘C’ Surnames

Marriage Records of VirginiaVirginia Marriage Records, 1700-1850; ‘C’ Surnames

September, 1789, Clements, John, & Nancy Walthall, (d. of William).
January, 1797, Clements, Joseph, & Susan A. Woodson.
December, 1830, Clements, John, & Martha Webster.
Nov. 13, 1788, Cliborne, Leonard, & Fanny Tanner. Robt. Tanner.
April 14, 1767, Cobbs, John Catlin, & Rachel Smith. Richd. Booker.
December, 1768, Cobbs, Samuel, & Elizb. Munford.  John C. Cobbs.
Jan. 8, 1812, Cobbs, Thos., & Nancy I. Hurt.
Dec. 24, 1764, Cocke, Stephen, & Ann Jones, (d. of Richard).
Nov. 25, 1767, Cocke, James Powell, & Elizb. Archer. Consent of Wm. Archer.
April 11, 1769, Cocke, Chasteen, & Martha Field Archer. Wm. Archer.
Feb. 3, 1779, Cocke, Thos., & Margaret Jones. Stith I-Iardaway.
June, 1794, Cocke, James, & Mary Lewis, (d. of Eliza).
January, 1825, Cocke, Chastain, 8: Sarah Meade Eggleston, (d. of Everard.)
July 10, 1787, Coffee, Thos., & Mary Knight, (d. of Chas.)
March 16, 1784, Cofiery, Barnard, & Agnes Jennings, (d. of Wm.)
Sept. 23, 1769, Cogbill, Charles, & Frances Bottom.
Sept. 18, 1824, Cole, John H., & Harriet Hudson.
March 13, 1781, Coleman, Cain, & Mary Wilson. John Wilson.
July 22, 1782, Coleman, Burrel, & Lucy Bevill, (d. of James).
Dec. 29, 1787, Coleman, Archer, & Eliza Bevill.
October, 1796, Coleman, Wm., & Nancy Clay.
May, 1799, Coleman, Robt., & Elizb. Perkinson.
December, 1805, Coleman, Jesse, & Frances Southall, (d. of John).
March, 1807, Coleman, John, 8: Mary Tally.


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