Wedding Certificate of Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams

Transcription: Wedding Certificate of Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams

The following is my transcription of the marriage certificate of Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams for their marriage of 6da 8mo 1720 in Merion Meeting House, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania.


Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams Marriage Certificate
Joseph Ambler and Ann Williams Marriage Certificate.

Joseph Ambler of the Township of Montgomery in the County of Philadelphia, Wheelright, and Ann Williams, daughter of Jno. Williams of ye Township of Meirion in ye County, spinster, having Declared their Intentions of marriage with Each other before Severall Monthly Meetings of the people of God Called Quakers, according to ye Good Order used among them, And having consent of Parents and Relations concerned, Nothing Appearing to Obstruct, were allowed of by the said Meetings, NOW – these are therefore to Certifie all whom it may concern that for the full Accomplishing of their said Intentions, They, the said Joseph Ambler And Ann Williams appeared at a Publick Meeting held at ye Meeting place at Meirion afore the Seventh day of the Eight Month in the year of our Lord 1720, where the sd Joseph Ambler takeing the said Anne Williams by the hand did in a Solemn Manner Openly Declare yt he took her to be his wife promising to be to her a faithfull & Loving Husband untill it should God by Death separate them And the sd Ann Williams having the said Jos. by ye hand did in like Manner declare that she took him to be her Husband promising to be to him a Loving & Obedient wife untill it should please God by Death to separate them, And ye sd Jos. Ambler and Anne Ambler, she According to ye Custom of Marriage Assumeing the ? of her Husband, as a further Confirmation thereof did to those present, set their hand, and we whose names are  here unto Subscribed, being among others present at the Solemnization & Subscription, As Witnesses thereunto have also to those present Set our names the day & year above written.

Joseph Ambler
Anne Ambler

Rowl. Ellis

Edw’d Reed
Edw’d Jones
Grif. Robert
Jno. Roberts
Jno. William
Abel Thomas
Rob’t Jones
[?]ther Jones
Evan Thomas
[?] Thomas
Rowl’d Rob’t
Jno. Bartholomew
Thos. Owen
Rebeckah Rees
Hallie William
Marg’t Owen
Eliza David
[?]ther Jones
Rob’t Rob’ts
Thos. Jones
Edw’d Dutton
Gwen Dutton
Cadd. Morgan
Wm. Morgan
Jno. Morgan
Morgan Morgan
Dorothy Morgan
Anthony Tunis
Mary Tenis
Cadd. Morris
Cadd. Roberts
Conrad Conrads
John Williams
Ellin William
Mary Llewelyn
Jno. William Jr.
Anthony [?]
Sybile [?]ins[?]
Hannah William
[Christ] Williams
William Williams


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