Witter, William; Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 1
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Transcription: Will and probate of William Witter.


The following is my transcription of the Last Will and Testament of William Witter, dated 1659.

Witter, William; Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 1


Estate of William Witter of Lynn.

1659 5 0/6

The last will and testament of William Witter being in perfect memory. And first I commit my soule to God, who gave it and my body to the earth from whence it was taken. I give to my wife Annis halfe my lands, housing & chattels, but in case she chang her name, I bequeath to her but the thirds, and to my son Josias I give the other halfe of my lands, housing, and chattels, but in case my wife marry, then I bequeath a double portion to my son Josias, & his mother, my wife, shall have but the thirds, as aforesayd, provided that my son shall not sell this his inheritance, but in case he die without issue: then I will that this inheritance shall bee instated upon Robert Burdin & my daughter Hanna Burdin for there posterity. I will my dafter Hanna Burdin shall have a ew & lamb this time twelfe mounth and I will that my
wife Annis bee my sole executor. In witnes hereof I have caused my hand to bee set.

William Witter

Robert Driver

William Harker

{William Harker & Robert Driver sworne to ye truth of ye above written in Court, attests Hilliard Veren clericus, Also Rovert Driver sworn to ye truth of ye above written will in Court, attests Hilliard Veren clericus, & will is allowed of by ye Court attests H. V. Cler.}

Witter, William; Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991 2


The Inventorie of the estate of William Witter, 1659 November 15th.

(Description) ; £ ; S; d

Imprimis his apparel. 1£ ; 00S ; 0d

In ye hall, one bed and that which belongs to it, 2£ ; A pece of
carsie of foure yards, 1£ 6S. 3£ ; 06S ; 0d

In parlor one bed & that which belongs to it 5£. A chest 4S. 5£ ; 4S ; 0d

It. three pare of shets with other linens. 3£ ; 0S ; 0d

It. a warming pan, 5£, in pewter, 15S. 1£ ; 0S ; 0d

It. in brass, 10S an iorn cettle, tow pots & a scillet, 2£. A frying pan, spit & pothooks 10S. 3£ ; 0S ; 0d

It. two hogsheads, barrils & a salting trough. 0£ ; 6S ; 0d

It. three trays, three poles & a cimina? 0£ ; 6S ; 0d

It. two whels & tow pare of cards; 0£ ; 10S ; 0d

It. churn, dishis, spouns & trenchers. 0£ ; 6S ; 0d

It. wool & flax 1£ 10S, wheat, come & pese 3£ 10S. 5£ ; 0S ; 0d

It. in hay 4£. A pare of oxen 13£. 17£ ; 0S ; 0d

It. cart, & whels and plough & chains with things belonging 3£. Three cows 14£. 17£ ; 00S ; 0d

It. in a mare 6£ 10S in swine 2£ 12S. 9£ ; 2S ; 0d

It. in housing and land. 66£ ; 00S ; 0d

Sum. 132£ ; 10S ; 0d

Robert Driver

William Harker

Francis & Ingals

his mark

Annis Witter sworne to ye truth of ye above Inventory in Court at Salem 23.4.61. attests Hilliard Veren, Clericus.

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