Transcription: Wills of Centre County, Pennsylvania

Transcription: Wills of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

The following is my transcription of abstracts of Wills of Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Featured image: Farmstead dating from 1858 in Ferguson, Centre, Pennsylvania.




Will of Centre County, Pennsylvania
Wills of Centre County, Pennsylvania; including that of Captain George Meek.


Ira F. Fravel, Col. U.S. Army, published 1/19/1939

Re-copied December, 1967 by Mary Belle Lontz


Will Book A


Page 1

CHRISTIAN STROM, Oct. 29, 1800-12/8/1800, wife Margt. Son, David, Executor, Dtr. Catarina, Dtr. Anna, grandchild, Sally (not 18).

Witnesses: Philip Danna, Lyons Mussina.

Page 2

CHRISTIAN BECHTEL, 6/3/1800_1/30/1801, son Christian (not 21), wife Mary, Son, David, first born son, Samuel: children already married are not named: Son Jacob, son Christian to have young roan mare. Ex: son David, & son-in-law, Frederick Shank. (Written in German, translated)

Page 4

ADAM LEEVER, Ferguson Twp. 3/26/1801_4/6/1801, wife Cath. Children: Elizabeth, Adam, Peter, George, Barbara, Benjamin, Joseph, Lewis, unborn child, son-in-law Philip Anshuts. Witness: Valentine Fleegle, Wm. Richard, Barnabus Riley, John Rea, John Brisbin.

Page 6

MICHAEL WEEVER, Haines Twp. 4/20/1801_5/11/1801, wife Anna Barbara, children: David, John, Michael, Andrew (absent 14 years), Margaret Row, Barbara Bickel, children of Dtr. Christina Brown, dec’d., children of Dtr. Elizabeth Wolf, dec’d. Dtr. Julianna Stober. Ex: son, John, David. Witness: George Wold, Jac. Hosterman.

Page 7

CHRISTINA RICHARD, Bald Eagle Twp., Aug. 11, 1801_Aug. 17, 1801_ 4 sons: Frederick, Henry, Casper, Mathias. Dtrs: Hannah, Margaret, Rebecca, Susannah: Grandson Mathias (s/o Casper) and Frederick (s/o Mathias) Grandtr. Elizabeth Balt. Ex. Samuel Wilson, John Balt. Witness: John Vinack, Mark Caldwell, David Dunlap.

Page 9

RICHARD MALLONE (Malone), Bald Eagle Twp., Aug. 3, 1801_Aug. 31, 1801_ wife Mary, two youngest children: Frederick, Morgan. Son-in-law Jos. Alexander and his children: My children: Ann Armstrong: Francis Malone: Francis Alexander: Richard & Leslie Malone: Samuel & Hartley Malone: Catherine Boggs; Frederick & Morgan Malone: Rebecca Howard: James Ramsay. Witness: Thomas Memmenger, William W. Miles, Henry C. Gates. Ex: Thomas Hamilton, Samuel Miles, John Miles.

Page 10

DANIEL MILLER, Haines Twp., 12/13/1801_Jan., 1802, wife Catharina, eldest Dtr. Catharine, son Henry, David. Ex: Joseph Miller of West Buggalo Twp. (Then North’d Co., now Union Co., Pa.). Witness: Jacob Kryder, Johannes Krider.

Page 12

GEORGE MEEK, Ferguson Twp., 11/3/1801_1/19/1802, wife Rachel. Friend Jonathan Wales, eldest son Robert, son William, David, John. Youngest Dr. Sarah not 21, Dtr. Mary Steelly, Dtr. Isabella, Dtr. Jean. Ex: Wife, & Thomas Ferguson. Witness: Thomas Ferguson, Joseph Diven, John Barron.

Page 15

CHRISTIAN SPANGLER, Miles Twp., 6/7/1800_1/20/1802, wife Anna Maria, oldest son George Christian, my children according to seniority as follows: oldest son George Christian, my children according to seniority as follows: Margaret, w/o Francis Gramley, John Michael, John Henry, John Christopher, John, John George, George Peter, Susanna, Anna Maria. Ex: son John Christopher, Francis Gramley. Witness: Elam Miller, Jacob Miller.

Page 16


Potter Twp., 6/30/1802_Aug. 18, 1802, wife Grace, children, eldest son Charles, youngest son Daniel (in care of Charles), John, son-in-law Patrick McMenomey, son John. Ex: James Whitehill, Robert Moore. Witness: Michael Witheright, Michael Trester.

Page 18


Centre Twp., 6/9/1802_Aug. 28, 1802, son William, Frances, youngest son Henry, children of my daughter Elizabeth Petrikin, children of my daughter Anne Petit. My dtr. Mary, Sarah, son James O. and my wife Elizabeth, Dtr. Jane Williamson. Ex. Son Wm. & Frances McEwen, & Wm. Petrikin. Witness: James Steere, Thomas Steere.


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