Common mistakes in genealogy

Trials and tribulations of being a genealogy and history blogger.

Regular readers may have noticed a problem with several posts from the beginning of September.
August 28th I purchased a plugin and theme that were supposed to streamline the curation of content of interest to my readers and myself. However, within about a week I noticed that it was bringing up a lot of ‘junk’ and I deleted it. (I’m still waiting for a refund.)

Today, I was doing the final tweaks of setting up this lovely new site theme and happened to notice that the links and videos from some or all of the posts placed by this plugin had broken.

I wasted no time and today I spent the time necessary re-linking and fixing the videos in the posts.

This selection of articles was the result of my cherry picking from the dozens suggested by the plugin. They are of great interest to me – and hopefully you too.

If you had trouble accessing the full articles and media or videos, please do check them out now they’re working.

…and thank you for your patience!